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I never have fit in and I still don’t. No matter how social I feel I am a bit of a loner. I’m a Los Angeles Native and I love it here. Hollywood is my playground. I started hanging out on Hollywood Bl. at the age of 13, visiting the shops and eventually making friends. When I was 16 my friend introduced me to the Sunset Strip; I was hooked and I grew up fast there. Then I made my way to the clubs, my retreat from the cruel world (sarcastically speaking). There is nothing like Hollywood at night, although can’t stand it during the day; there is something too real about it.

I listen to mostly industrial stuff like Front 242, Apoptigma Bezerk, Wumpscut, etc. Gothically speaking I enjoy Switchblade, Love Spirals Downward, Dead Can Dance, and Delerium to name a few. I also overdose on New Wave 80’s.

I collect Bettie Page crap and 20’s-50’s pin up girl postcards. I like to go antiquing and I buy what I can from clothing to the miscellaneous.

I tend to get bored easily, A.D.D. or something. I hate being stagnant; my brain starts to melt from the lack of stimuli. Undressed walls and silence aggravate me. Contradictory to the above statement I live in suburbia now with my adorable husband Draven and I defiantly can’t complain. He puts up with my neurotic behavior, though he never lets me get away with too much. I like that. I will be in school full time in the spring and I look forward to leaving my go-nowhere life behind. ~v~

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