The Photography of Günter Blum

In Memorium19.1.1949 – 20.7.1997

“Gunter Blum does not photograph reality; he transforms visions into pictures. Applying the same precision he used to paint and draw, he now plans and construts his photographic world, full of sensuality and expressive body language.

“When he packs his models into riveted bodices, armours their bodies with spikes, turns them into Amazons with whips, or straps them into a picture, demanding the utmost of them, that’s when he’s in his element.

“Strong women, issuing a self-confident challenge, powerful and aggresive, steer a visual confrontation course with the viewer in cool, calculating erotic moments.” –Rainer Wortmann, in an introduction to AKT (Nudes)

The photography of Günter Blum is well known to most people interested in artistic black and white nude photography. His passing last year leaves a void where his lens once focused, but his works will live on.

If you are interested in purchasing Books of Günter Blum’s Photography, you may visit Gabriele Huss’ well designed and artistic site (only in German, but easy to navigate) by clicking here.

Rating 3.00 out of 5