"LegMistress" a slightly strange name, given to me by a Leg and Heel submissive many years ago, who kept calling me his Leg Mistress because I used my Nylon sheathed legs to tease him and a name that stuck when I created my web site. Like many people I was searching for a URL that would truly be my very own. I certainly found it by using the LegMistress moniker. I am grateful to the submissive for the inspiration, he was however truly awful at most tasks I set him, so he did get punished and abused a great deal.

I share with many people, a view that there is nothing more erotic to the eye, than a beautiful pair of silk stockings coupled with a pair of glossy 6" or 7" spiked heel shoes, to torment or tantalize the submissive who has earned the right to serve."

"I adore the fact that I can use my spikes as instruments of punishment and yet they are still objects of desire used to reward at the same time! And I just adore wearing them, in fact I am never seen out in public with less than 4" of ultra thin heel, unless I am running or on the beach! I am never seen out in public, without my heels. It would be my equivalent of going out naked! I put as much attention into my appearance in the fetish clothing and High Heel areas, for my submissives as I demand effort from them."

And boy oh boy, do I demand effort. Remember that old saying, always give 100%. Well, I demand it all of the time that a submissive in my presence.

As a Mistress, I demand that the submissive undergoing any form of scene under my control, be they male, female, sissy or transgendered, submit totally to my every whim. To do so, however requires enormous trust, trust which is built up over time. To take a 'bottom' immediately to their outer limits without knowing the consequences would be foolish and dangerous. I am neither.

Someone's sexual preferences matter not, their extreme desire to serve, to please and to willingly submit to humiliation, servitude or even be used a sexual toy is all that matters to me. I even developed my own training commands and the associated positions to adopt that correspond with my spoken or unspoken actions. Instant obedience, makes me wet, quiet servitude excites me, loyal service and honesty delight me, I am so easily pleased, but just as easily awoken to cause suffering when angered. My favourite saying is that "Without pain there is no -pleasure", I really believe, that on the seventh day he created the female, the deadliest of the species.

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