Goddess Dianna Vesta

One of the most remarkable aspects of this woman in our opinion is her deep-rooted spirituality and the way in which she weaves her connection with the divine with her ability to manifest this power in her daily life and practice.

An Exerpt From Her Bio...
"My life is quite different than most women, however it is by my choice. A world I've created based on the need to explore every facet of my being. This included my sexual fantasies and the spiritual connection that lied within that discovery.

In my search for meaning I stepped into darkness, exploring every avenue I could. The taboo and the bizarre. I found Her everywhere. I was fascinated by my discovery. Within BDSM I saw expressions, rituals and terms that were often used in the past. Not only from Goddess worship times but many eras and all types of religious expression. Again, this would take volumes of works to describe completely. Before I leave this lifetime I promise to publish my findings. "

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