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- Lifestyle Submissives -

During the 2 and 1/2 years that I have served, I learned a LOT and experienced literally countless things that I never could have imagined. suddenly everything I did had a focus and a meaning which it had never had before, and opened doors for me in terms of introducing me to things, that I had never.. I mean I could never even have imagined....
Carolina Fox
From a recent Wasteland photoshoot in Las Vegas. Carolina is a collared slave, adult film actress and cyber-personality into the more extreme pain aspects of erotic power exchange.
"I'm into bondage, Lingerie, Secretarial, Suspension, Handcuffs, tape/Mummification, Leather, Nudies & Two+ Women"
"A bondage Master who saw inside my soul and knew I longed to be taken, trained, owned...and so for the last 10 years, I've been the property of some Master or Mistress, and never regretted losing my freedom. I've been bound, gagged, punished, raped, even bought and sold..."
"I am a submissive female. It was my husband (and now master) who introduced me to what I call the "D&S Playland". At first, I was kind of scared by it all. I felt abnormal, like there was something wrong with me for having the kind of desires I did..."
French Kiss
Meet this beautiful bi-sexual french trio who we met in Montreal.
"I'm not the girl next door". She certainly isn't, Seska is a woman with a very active imagination which is only surpassed by her desire to live out her fantasies.

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