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- Fetish and Erotic Fine Art Photographers -

Click on each artist's name for a gallery of their work, information about their philosophy and style, and access to their personal online galleries.

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Featured New Artists Series...
Elly Russell
Sex is a fascinating subject and the myriad forms of sexuality and sexual expression have given me a focus for my photography and the determination to take what was once considered "dirty" and expose it to a wider audience (if you'll pardon the pun).
Ivana Ford
"I truly enjoy the often temporary relationships that are forced out of the collaboration between the photographer and the subject."
Angyl Nihthasu
San Francisco-based Glamour, Erotic and Fine Art Photographer and Digital Artist.
Christian Holzknecht
He wants to create new things, but also record old things, seen in a new way and provided with his own geniuses.
Stephen Orsillo
This is The Boudoir Photography Studio, almost hidden from town, with its main entrance being through the back of a sex toy boutique. The work produced here is not typical of boudoir, nor is it glamour, but more what resident artist Stephen Orsillo considers to be Erotica.
Yves Tepuis
"Tepuis shoots oppressing exciting nudes from a totally unconventional point of view."
Leland Ray
"These photographs are gritty, grainy, technically imperfect, and even a bit disturbing at times, but they're real. They're mine, and I make no explanations, no philosophical comments, no excuses."
Steve Diet Goedde
"...While continuing to pursue his artistic vision, Goedde never pursued photography professionally. It was done strictly for the aesthetic fun of it..."
Kevin Hundsnurscher
This young fetish photographer from the Seattle area has been photographing images for well over 2 years now.
George Vernon
His style is influenced by European high fashion, nostalgia, and a darker side of life.
Michael Barone
His photographs attempt to present the female form in a way that is not solely sexual, but sensitive, by showing its prowess, vulnerability, and passion.
Lon Bixby
"On the photography side, I shoot fashion, commercial, product & print ads, model portfolios, headshots and artistic & erotic photos."

Featured Female Fetish Photographers...
Mistress Mayhem
A little bit of mayhem....a little bit of mischief...some chaos....take a deep breath....and see what happens!
Danielle Bedics
Born and raised in a small Pennsylvania town, Danielle fell in love with the female form. She has since ventured from Pennsylvania to Texas for a few short years and is presently residing in San Francisco, CA. Danielle explains that women are naturally born with a sexual dominance through their appearance. Her photography serves to illustrate that sex and beauty are powerful tools that most women are already have.
Natasha Epperson
Combining the distinctive elements of fetish photography and gothic sensibilities, Natasha's work is fresh, clean and evocative.
Sue Williams
Portraiture her forte, Sue has worked with some very interesting people including Christopher Plummer, Eartha Kitt to name a few. Sue is a freelance photographer; her home is in Toronto, Canada.

Featured Fetish Photographers...
Peter Gilbert Balazsy
Mr. Balazsy re-creates moods in his photographs that are reminiscent of the Art Nouveau movement earlier this century. Peter's graceful, elegant, artfully subdued images convey the feeling of times past - while also seeming unmistakably contemporary.
Marc Blackie
"So why do I bother with it all? All this gratuitous nudity, the subtle hints at a sinister sexuality, the little stabs of melancholy that seem to keep cropping up at in the most inappropriate of shots..."
Lee Higgs
Lee's photos are hallucinogenic...dreamlike and intensely real...the products of a sick mind and an open heart...
Stig Sohlenberg
Stig Sohlenberg is a Norwegian, Oslo based writer and photographer. His combination of Gothic European architecture and the submissive female form create intense and chilling results.
Ian Rath
A twenty-year veteran of looking through a lens, Ian is finally letting his fetish images be seen. He's shot everything from advertising and celebrities to music icons, but shooting fetish erotica is his passion.
Craig Morey
It has been Morey's extensive work with female nudes which caught the attention of editors, art directors and the general public during the 80's and 90's. His classic black & white nudes appeared as a regular feature in Penthouse publications in the U.S., Canada, and Europe.
R.C. Hörsch
"To say that Hörsch depicts sex is not nearly enough. Sex is just the beginning. Where the edges of the pictures end is where the filaments of your imagination begin.... Some funny, others romantic, others truly beautiful and still others brimming with sarcasm..." --Utne Reader
Robb Debenport
"We now have young adults whose entire lives have been filled with dire warnings about the deadly consequences of sexual contact. Well-intentioned though this caution might have been, we find ourselves with yet another generation of young people suppressing natural sexual emotions, no doubt bringing onto themselves all the disturbing psychological consequences so common to past generations."
Joseph Jobe
In Mr. Jobe's work, the model is portrayed as the distinctive muse, exemplified by dramatic, almost cinematic, design and fine art printing techniques.
Gary & Pierre Silva
Renowned husband/wife photography team from Los Angeles. The Silvas have built a reputation worldwide with their striking, intimate images of the beauty in the darker side of life.
Trevor Baker
Trevor Baker is a Southern California based photographer. While he works in many different forms of photography, he has developed a great interest in the fetish scene and has specialized in fetish images for several years.
Reno Larson
"My most current project is called Technology and SelfLoathing, in which I find or am contacted by people over the internet; I then try to have a real world experience with them and photograph the results. Things have included being asked to break into a woman's house and climb into bed with her to a dominatrix coming to my house and shoving needles through my chest."
Philippe Pissier
Born in 1963, France. Apart from being the French translator of Aleister's Crowley works, he has taken pictures of bound beauties since 1993.
Tom Hunscher
"I do not want my photos to look like "studio shots." Rather, I prefer my photos to look like they were taken in real locations, which for the most part they were."
Gunter Blum
Gunter Blum did not photograph reality; he transformed visions into pictures. Applying the same precision he used to paint and draw, he constructed his photographic world full of sensuality and expressive body language. Mr. Blum passed away in September of 1997 and is sorely missed.
Jean Paul Four
Stunning black-and-white erotic photography from France, Jean Paul uses classic figure photography technique and lighting with fantastic results.
Ed Johnson
For that one fleeting moment he captures their spirit and sexuality to be enjoyed and viewed for a lifetime. After 15 years in the corporate and commercial fields of photography, he set forth in search of the "erotic holy grail".

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