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- S&M and Erotic Perfomance Artists and Models -

Bianca - a beautiful, talented French Canadian Latex designer and model. "I love with an incredible and beautiful love. A boundless love which sometimes smothers my heart with tenderness and sometimes pain. A wild and faithful love. An endless love with no name." Kitara - a lifestyle submissive and
self-described "pain slut" from Western Canada. "I do need a Master in my life. Someone who will use me for their pleasure, or pain, to be at their beck and call; to use me at large or in leisure or whatever - it's not up to me."
Kiko Wu
A vibrant and witty erotic dancer from New York, Kikois also a very talanted website designer. Don't miss her Virtual Reality games!
Kris - The Shy Exhibitionist
Exhibitionism as perfomance art - an excellent combination! An intensly passionate and intelligent woman with a story to tell through her images.
A very unusual new form of erotic performance art - TheWebCam!
Insertion, insertion insertion! Everybody needs a hobby, here's hers.....
Her wonderful combination of subtlety and shadows bring out the beautiful gothic quality beneath her upbeat and cheery exterior (we've always wished for Marcia Brady's body with the soul of the Marquis De Sade - here she is!)
An S&M perfomance artist from Boston
Exotic Dancer, Exhibitionist and Fetish Model
Fresh new face to the fetish & BDSM photography field.
A fantastic blend of live webcam and video feed with a "down-home charm" that we really enjoy.
"World's Only All-Male Girl Group" Just released a new bondage song "Crack the Whip".

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