French Kiss

Hard jammed forward, ramming his cock into her, all the way in. He filled her cunt. Kim gasped at the sudden deflowering. She relaxed, warming to the feel of cock filling her depths. When she had gotten over the shock of his initial thrust, Kim begged Hard to fuck her. Hard slowly pulled back until just his head was in her. Then he slowly pushed in again filling her with his manhood. We were told to squeeze Kim's tits. I reached down and cupped my hand over her soft pointed tittie. Lynn did the same to her other tit. We gently rubbed her tits the way I knew I would want mine rubbed. Hard pulled out and pushed in slowly. Long slow strokes were warming Kim as she had never been heated before. A soft pleading sound came from Kim's mouth, pleading for Hard to fuck her faster. Hard increased the speed of his strokes. Lynn and I increased the speed and strength of our tit squeezes. Kim's was slowly moving her head from side to side, getting lost in the pleasure I knew Hard's cock was giving her. Her mistresses went behind Lynn and I. They took Kim's hands and placed them on our butts. Kim squeezed my still greasy ass tight. I returned the squeeze to her tit and then pinched her nipple. Hard was now slamming into Kim's wet willing cunt. Pulling back, slamming forward to the hilt, his ball sack slapping against her ass.
Kim was writhing in pleasure, moaning, squeezing our asscheeks. She arched her back to push her cunt against Hard's driving thrusts. Lynn twisted Kim's nipple, I repeated it on the tit I held, then we pulled her nipples up. Kim began to buck against Hard's cock, squeezing female ass, flopping her head side to side. I knew she was beginning to cum.

Hard increased his speed. He was really ramming his cock into her. I was almost drooling at the sight of his man meat sliding in and out of Kim's glistening smooth cunt.

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Kim squeezed my ass tighter than ever as she tensed her entire body. She was cumming.Hard pulled out and then slammed in harder, faster and deeper than before. Then he stopped and held himself deep inside Kim's love hole. Kim's orgasm subsided and she relaxed. She loosened her grip on my ass, but didn't let go. Lynn and I rubbed her tits round and round, slowly, gently. Her face glowed with a pleasure I knew well.

When she recovered, Hard pulled out of her with a popping sound as her cunt resisted his departure. We helped her sit up to see that Hard was still very hard. Kim stood up, curtsied and thanked the sisters for making her a total woman. Mistress President went to Lynn and pinched her large erect nipples. She led Lynn by her nipples to the center of the room. Mistress President told everyone that there wasn't a virginal hole in Lynn. She told us that Lynn had started sucking when she was 11, had stripped and 69'ed with boys when she was 13, had her cunt cherry taken at 15, her ass cherry at her sweet sixteen party and at a party after her senior prom had taken two guys in all three holes in separate sessions. Mistress President told us that tonight Lynn should take both Easy and Hard in every hole in the same sex session and to finish as the meat in a sex sandwich. She asked Lynn if she was willing to perform this act for the sorority.

Lynn said that she was willing to do anything, to take anyone in any hole. Lynn was told to get down on her hands and knees. Easy knelt down in front of her, lifted her chin and put his cock to her lips. Mistress President told her to open her mouth and let Easy fuck her face. Lynn opened her mouth and let Easy's cock slide past her lips. She closed her lips around his shaft as he pushed his cock into her mouth and down her throat. Without seeming to try hard, she took the entire length of Easy's cock into her mouth. Easy got a silly satisfied grin on his face as he slowly fucked her willing experienced mouth. Her mistresses stopped Easy and had him move around behind Lynn. After reaching down to make sure Lynn's cunt was lubricated enough, Easy took Lynn by the hips and jammed his cock into her cunt. I almost came thinking about the pleasure that cock had given my ass and how much I wanted him in my cunt. I could see Lynn get the same silly grin as Easy gave her cunt several long, slow strokes.

He pumped Lynn's cunt slowly, making sure that she was getting properly juiced up. Lynn pushed her cunt against Easy as he pushed into her love hole. She started to speed up her pushing, trying to get Easy to speed up his fucking. Lynn wanted a fucking. She wanted Easy to pound his cock into her. Her mistresses stopped Easy and had him pull out of her cunt. They applied a coat of grease to Lynn's bright pink asspucker and then to Easy's cock. They pulled Lynn's cheeks open as Easy pushed his cockhead into her backdoor. My cunt was quivering with memories of the pleasure of my assfuck.I knew she was going to enjoy having her ass fucked up. He slowly eased the full length of his cock into her butt and held her tight. He leaned over her and asked if she wanted long slow strokes or a hard fast pounding. She said she wanted a fast pounding. He slowly pulled his cock out until just the head was still in her rectum. Then her mistresses gave her a hard fast spanking, making her asscheeks glow red. When they were finished, easy gave her the hard fast pounding assfuck that she wanted. He rammed his cock in and out of her as she bucked her tail to meet his thrusts. She was moaning and thoroughly enjoying the ass reaming Easy was giving her.

Before Lynn or Easy could cum, the mistresses stopped them, and Easy pulled out and got up. Mistress President brought Hard in front of Lynn, leading him by his massive cock. Hard knelt down and lifted Lynn's chin. His cockhead slowly brushed across her lips. He held her chin so she would not be able to open her mouth yet. He took his cock in hand and slowly rubbed his bulging cockhead all over her face. Mistress President stopped him and told Lynn to open her mouth to take Hard's cock for another face fuck. Hard moved his hands to each side of her head. Lynn opened her mouth and Hard pushed his cock into her. Without resistance, without gagging, Lynn took the entire length of that cock into her mouth. Hard held her head with his cock filling her mouth. He began to fuck her face. Not slowly like Easy but not fast, just loving strokes of his long hard cock. After a few moments, her mistresses stopped Hard. He pulled out of her mouth and moved around behind Lynn. Her mistresses told her to put her tits on the floor and her ass high in the air.

They spread her legs a little wider. Hard moved closer, held her by her hips and pounded into her waiting cunt hole. After a few more moments of fucking, her mistresses stopped Hard. He pulled out of Lynn's cunt and the mistresses applied another coat of grease to her pucker and to Hard's cream covered cock. They pulled her cheeks to open her gaping backdoor and Hard pushed his blood gorged cockhead into Lynn's willing tail. The mistresses repeated the fast spanking and Hard rammed the rest of his cock into her. He fucked her ass. She moaned. She groaned. She wanted to cum. Her mistresses stopped Hard. My cunt was aching from watching Lynn take all that good fucking without being allowed to cum. Her mistresses helped Lynn stand up. Other sisters moved the bench back into position. Mistress President told Easy to lay on the bench. Then Lynn was instructed to climb on and sit her cunt down onto Easy's cock. Lynn eagerly climbed on and swallowed Easy's cock into her smooth juicy cunt. Easy reached up and pinched her nipples. He pulled her down and they kissed. Very passionately, they explored each others mouth and tongue. Lynn's mistresses applied a third coat of grease to Lynn's ass pucker. Mistress President again pulled Hard into position by his cock.

The bench was too high for Hard to get into Lynn's ass. Some sisters cranked the bench lower. Then Mistress President pushed Hard's cockhead into Lynn's receptive butt. As Hard pushed his entire length into Lynn, I could see a glow of absolute delight wash across her face. Once both cunt and ass were full of cock, no one moved. They just held her tight, filling her, enjoying the sensations of her fuck holes. Our mistresses took us to stand on each side of Lynn. We were told to lift her up, hold her and rub her tits the way a horny teenaged boy would. We lifted Lynn and she slipped her arms around our waists. Kim and I grabbed at Lynn's massive tits. I had never squeezed another girl's tits. Lynn's were softer and fleshier than mine(as well as a great deal larger). As we massaged her tits and pinched her nipples, she began moaning and moving her hips trying to work on both of those cocks. Mistress President told Hard to give Lynn the best ass fuck he could.

He started stroking her rectum with his bulging cock. We could see both Lynn and Easy enjoying the sensations Hard was providing. Kim and I kept up our tit work, as Easy put a hand on our asses. I opened my legs to let him probe my horny cunt. He worked his finger into my joy hole and rubbed his thumb on my (no longer virginal) ass pucker. His gentle probing was driving me crazy. I wanted to cum. I could see Kim grinding her cunt against Easy's hand until she was slapped by her mistresses. When Hard moved into Lynn's ass, he didn't stop when he was all the way in. He pushed Lynn forward, sliding her the length of Easy's cock. Then he would pull her back down Easy's shaft and then Hard would pull his cock out, leaving just his cockhead inside her backdoor. He repeated this double fuck for a while until Lynn bucked against these two cocks cumming to her climax. She fell limp against us. We were told to just hold her up, but not to let go of her tits. Then Mistress President told the boys to finish up her creaming. Both Easy and Hard began moving in Lynn's holes. Hard was giving her a hard fast ass pounding while Easy lifted his hips to drive his cock deep into Lynn's cunt on Hard's withdrawal.

They kept up this hard fucking until Easy rammed his fingers into my cunt and ass and shot his load of cum into Lynn's cunt hole. Hard pulled Lynn down onto Easy's cock, plugging her cunt hole. He held her tight and pounded her butt hole, harder and faster and deeper than ever. He finally rammed his cock into her and she gasped as Hard emptied his cream-filled balls into Lynn's tail. He collapsed on top of Lynn who collapsed on us. We were told to lay them down on Easy and let them relax. When they recovered, they got up with the help of Lynn's mistresses. They whispered to Lynn as they helped her. Then Lynn led Easy and Hard to the fireplace by their softened cocks. Turning to face the whole sorority, Lynn curtsied and thanked them for the creamiest fuck ever, and then she kissed each cockhead. Kim and I were ordered to the center of the room. Mistress President asked us if our cunts were satisfied or if we needed more work on our cunts. We looked at each other, smiled and said that we needed more cunt action. The boys were sent to get dressed and we were told to sit on the floor and spread our legs. Six inch candles were tossed to us. We were told to cream our own cunts until we were satisfied. We were the two horniest cunts in town.

We grabbed those candles and buried them in our shaven twats. We pumped. We rubbed. We creamed. And we came. We were told to leave the candles in our holes as our mistresses helped us stand up. Lynn was bent over and another candle was stuffed into her wanton hole. Kim and I curtsied to thank the sisters for a chance to satisfy our cunts. When Easy and Hard came back, they came to each of us and gave us a double tit sucking, Easy on the right tit, Hard on the left. With their hot mouths on our tits, their fingers probing our asses, rubbing our clits, we said good-bye to those fantastic studs. We were sent upstairs to the shower room to clean up. We were told we could take the candles out while we washed but we had to put them back in when we were finished in the shower. We went up to the shower room, removed our candles and gently washed our tenderized slits. When we finished we dried off, inserted the candles into our cunt holes and headed back to our mistresses. They met us in the hallway dressed in their pajamas. Mistress Barbara was wearing a see-thru blue babydoll nightie. Mistress Karen was wearing a large boys tee-shirt that just barely covered her pink panties. Our mistresses directed us to a bedroom on that floor that would be ours for the next week. It had three single beds with wooden headboards and frames. There was one dresser, a closet and our suitcases. Our mistresses led us each to a bed. We laid down. My mistresses sat on each side of me.

They each lifted one of my arms to the headboard and tied my wrists to the bed. They kissed my cheeks and squeezed my titties. Then they stood up and lifted my legs straight up. I could see that Lynn and Kim were also tied down and held up. Our mistresses pulled our legs open. Both Mistress Barbara and Mistress Karen slide one hand down my legs to my hairless cunt. They pulled my cuntlips open to expose my love hole with the candle peeking out. One mistress called for Mistress President. The door opened and all the sisters appeared in the doorway dressed in their nightclothes. Mistress President went to Kim, who was nearest the door. She reached down into Kim's crotch to make sure she had the candle placed well into her hole. She bent over Kim's face and kissed her. As she lifted up, I could see that Mistress President had Kim's nipples between her fingers and was pulling them up causing Kim to arch her back. Mistress President let go of Kim's nubs and went to Lynn. Mistress Janet came in and went to Kim. Mistress President repeated this good-night ritual on Lynn. Mistress Janet repeated it on Kim. Then they moved. Mistress President came to me, Mistress Janet went to Lynn and another sister came in and went to Kim. When Mistress President reached down into my crotch and took hold of the candle protruding from my pleasure cave.

She slipped it in and out and then twisted it around. She pushed it all the way in and patted my clittie before coming to my face. She kissed each cheek, wished me sweet dreams and pinched my nipples. She twisted my nips round and round and then pulled them up. I arched my back to allow her to keep lifting my tits. She let go and blew me a kiss. Mistress Janet took her place and repeated the ritual. Every sister took her turn at saying good-night to us. When all the sisters finished our mistresses lowered our legs and tied our ankles to the foot of the bed. My mistresses lightly stroked their hands up my legs to my crotch. They lightly ran their finger all over my mound and cuntlips. They each patted my clit and then stroked my tummy then my titties. They each grabbed hold of a tit and bent over to kiss me on the cheeks and they said good-night. They let go, stood up, and covered me with a blanket. They left us, bound hand and foot, cunt filled, thoroughly fucked, but still horny as hell. We were awakened by our mistresses ripping the blankets from our naked bodies. Our mistresses untied our ankles and lifted our legs. They reached into our twats to check the position of the candles. Kim had apparently pushed hers out overnight because one of her mistresses jammed it back in.

Lynn and I were given new candles because the heat of our cunts had softened the candles until they could no longer be used. Our mistresses untied our wrists and led us to the shower room. All the sisters were waiting there. Mistress President reached into Lynn's cunt and pulled out the candle. Her mistresses pushed her into the steamy shower area. Then Kim was relieved of her cunt candle and then mine was pulled out. We were told to quickly wash up. When we were finished soaping and rinsing our bare bodies, Mistress President stepped forward. She peeled off her nightshirt to reveal her tight sleek body, every inch well tanned (including her clean-shaven cunt). She walked into the shower and told us to wash her. She pulled my hands to her erected tits, I had to reach up to wash this tall lady's petite breasts (they were almost as small as mine, no larger than a 34B). Lynn's hands were pulled to her hairless crotch and Kim started on her ass. Lynn giggled about something and Mistress President grabbed her head, told her to shoosh and kissed her full on the lips. We washed every inch of our head mistress. When we finished soaping her, she rinsed off and got out to dry off. Mistress Janet dropped her robe to show us yet another hairless cunt. I knew now that there was not a single strand of pubic hair in this entire sorority.

She stepped into the shower and we washed her all over(this time I did her cunt, Kim did her tits, and Lynn soaped her ass). After we finished her, three other sisters stripped and came in. Mistress Janet rinsed off and left while we each soaped one of the sisters. I had to soap this girl's tits, back, belly, smooth cunt, tight ass, and muscular legs. Three more sisters took their places and we continued washing bare tit, cunt and ass until we had washed the entire sorority(our mistresses last). After our mistresses rinsed off they did not get out. Instead they turned off the water and Mistress President came back fully clothed. She announced that it was time for us to get properly cleaned. She tossed us bottles of prepare douche and told us to clean out our cunts. We hesitated only long enough to take a deep breath. But we sat down on that slick tiled floor, opened the douche bottles and inserted the nozzles into our cunt holes. I laid back and squeezed the bottle, flushing the juices out of my cunt. We were told to stand up, and the douches were taken from us.

We were told to go to separate walls, face the wall, and bend over to grab the bottom rail. After we were in position, other sisters brought in large enema bags. Mistress Barbara knelt next to me. She told me that they were going to fill my ass with this hot soapy solution. She said there would be a bit of pain that would pass as I relaxed and my insides loosened up. She said that they would stop whenever I told them that it hurt, but they wanted me to take as much as I could. She asked if I was ready for my cleaning. I told her I was ready for anything she wanted to give me. Mistress Karen began to lubricate my asshole. I could see my fellow pledges were also surrendering their tails for this cleansing. Mistress Barbara took the long black nozzle and applied a coat of grease to it. As Mistress Karen pulled my ass cheeks open, Mistress Barbara slowly inserted the nozzle into my butt. It wasn't as large and filling as Easy's cock had been the night before, but it could still stimulate my rear tunnel. She turned it left then right, applying an even forward pressure, easing it into me.

When it was all the way in she told me to grip it with my backdoor muscle, to hold it in, to resist the temptation to push everything out when the liquid was released into my rectum. I squeezed it, pulling it in just a touch more, like I wanted to do to a cock. I told her I was ready. She patted my asscheek and released the clip on the hose. A flood of hot soapy water rushed into my bowels. Nothing, no exercise, no love affair, no sex act had ever filled me with such a warmth so fast so completely. With the first flush of warmth, all my inner muscles squeezed, trying to evacuate my bowels. There was a sharp cramping pain and I gasped. Immediately Mistress Barbara closed the clamp and stopped the rush of water. She knelt down and asked if I was okay. I caught my breath and told her that the pain was going away. She told me to relax and tell her when I was ready. I could feel all my insides loosening up. I no long felt any pain. I no longer felt that this was an intrusion, just a nice hot bath on the inside. I told her I was ready and she signaled Mistress Karen to release the clamp again. This time it did not feel like a flood, but I knew I could not stop the flow. It would fill me completely.

It filled me, every nook and cranny of my ass. I could feel my insides swelling, my belly bulging, taking all this hot soapy water. I was dripping sweat. It stretched all my inner muscles and it began to hurt. I told my mistresses and they closed the clamp. The pain receded much slower than before so Mistress Karen removed the nozzle from my tail. That gave me instant relief from the pain, but now I really had the urge to push it all out my butthole. Mistress Barbara told me to squeeze my butt muscles to keep it all in me until the other pledges were finished. I could see them removing the nozzle from Kim's tail, but Lynn could take more than one bag full. Her mistresses had removed the hose from the bag and sent for another, leaving Lynn with the nozzle holding in her cleaning solution. The sister came back with another bag, they hooked it up and released the clamp. Lynn wiggled her ass but she took the entire second bag before complaining about the pain. Her mistresses removed the nozzle and they all helped us stand up. We were weak and had to be held up by our mistresses.

They caressed our tits and cunts and asses. It all felt warm and loving. I didn't mind my ass being filled or a girl squeezing my tits, or rubbing my clit, or probing my mouth with her hot tongue. Both my mistresses fondled every inch of me. Both kissed me hotter and harder than any boy ever did. Both sucked my tiny titties. It all felt great. We were led to the bathroom which had a set of toilets without the partitions you would normally find in a large restroom. We were seated on the toilets and told we could release it all. There was an instant rush of water out of my tail and it kept going, I couldn't stop the flow until it was all gone. When we were empty and could stand by ourselves, we were led back into the shower room and told to resume our positions. More enema bags were hanging there. We were told that this was just warm clear water to flush us out. Mistress Karen inserted the nozzle. It slipped in quick and easy now. She opened the clamp and another flood filled my ass. This time there was no rush of heat or pain, just a filling sensation.

When the bag was empty and I was full, I began to feel a little stretched. I told them that it hurt a little. Mistress Karen immediately closed the clamp and removed the nozzle. Now I just felt warm and full. I could see Lynn was taking her second bag of water into her tail. When she was full, we were stood up and Mistress President told us that these cleansings would make all our future ass fucks easier and more fun. We were led to the toilets to finish flushing out. We were told to go back into the shower, to wash up again, to dry off, to insert the candles into our clean (inside and out) cunts and then go downstairs for breakfast. When we arrived in the dining room, Mistress President called for everyones attention. She announced to the sisters that Kim had not kept her candle in her cunt all night. There were cheers from the sisters. She told us that the candles would be our overnight companions for the rest of the week. She also told us that whenever we were in the house we were to be stark naked. We were to strip in the front hallway when we came in. We were to bring our clothes to the hallway and dress there just before leaving. Kim was told to climb up onto the center of the table. She got up on her hands and knees with her ass pointing toward us. Mistress Janet was sitting next to the open area of the table and reached out an slapped Kim on the ass. She told Kim that only her cunt and ass were going to get punished now. She instructed Kim to put her tits on the table and her ass high. Mistress Janet snickered that someone would take care of Kim's tits later. Mistress President stood behind Kim. She dipped her finger into a bowl of whipped butter and applied it to Kim's ass pucker.

There was no resistance to her probing finger as she buttered up Kim's rectum. She took the candle out of Kim's cunt and pressed it into her backdoor. Lynn and I were pushed by our mistresses to stand beside our headmistress. Mistress President told me to put my finger into Kim's cunt. I reached forward and put the tip of my middle finger between her moist lips. Mistress President pinched my nipple and told me not to be afraid of a hairless cunt. I pushed my finger into her. She felt hot and juicy, just like mine own love hole. Lynn was told to put her finger in. I started to remove my finger and Mistress President slapped my ass. She told me I did not have permission to leave Kim's cunt. I pushed my finger all the way in again. Lynn put her fingertip next to me at the entrance to Kim's hole. She slowly worked it between the inner lips and pushed it in, sliding it next to mine. We kept our fingers very still while Mistress President reached out with both hands and pulled Kim's lips open. She positioned our hands to hold Kim's cunt wide open and still have our fingers buried inside her. Mistress President told us to wiggle our fingers slowly. Kim's breathing got deeper and louder. She was enjoying our fingers. Mistress President put two fingers on Kim's exposed clittie.

One fingertip on each side. She rubbed that clittie up and down once. Then she got a small dab of butter on her fingertips and returned them to Kim's passion button. She began to rub it back and forth, slowly, then faster, then slowly, then faster. Kim began to rock. Her orgasm was beginning to build. Mistress President told us to wiggle our fingers as fast as we could. She rubbed Kim's clittie very hard and very fast, bringing Kim to the edge of ecstasy and she stopped. She told us to stop. She asked Kim if she would try to push the candle out any more. Kim said no. She asked Kim if she wanted to cum. Kim said yes. We were told to take our fingers out. Mistress President told Kim to reach her hands between her legs and finish finger fucking her disobedient cunt. Kim reached up for her cunt and buried one finger in her hole and pumped it while she rubbed her clit with the other hand. She pumped and rubbed feverishly for a few moments, arching her back to push her cunt in and out. She stopped pumping and rubbed her clit to satisfaction. When she caught her breath, she was told to stand up on the table to curtsy. She curtsied and thanked the sisters.

Mistress President assured us that they would find some misdeed to get one, or more, or all of us up on the table every morning. We helped Kim get down off the table. Mistress Janet told Kim to bend over. She took the candle out of Kim's tail, wiped it on a napkin and stuffed it back into Kim's creamed cunt. We were told to sit down and have breakfast (we would need lots of energy later). When one sister was finished with her breakfast, she got up to leave. She came behind us and told us to stand up and bend over. We moved our chairs back, stood up and bent over holding the edge of the table. Lynn was in the middle and I could see her big tits dangling down. The sister reached in between Lynn and I and squeezed my tit and then Lynn's. Then she reached in between Kim and Lynn to squeeze one of Kim's titties and Lynn's other tit. She told Mistress President that Lynn was almost like a cow ready for milking. Everyone laughed and someone said that Lynn would be taken care up. The sister let go of Lynn's tit and slapped our asses, once on each cheek. Then she told us to sit down and finish breakfast. Our breakfast was interrupted three more times for sisters to leave. All of them slapped our tails, none of them squeezed our tits. When we were finished we had to wait for everyone else to finish. Then Mistress President told us to stand and bend over again.

The sisters filed past us, giving us each a slap on each bare asscheek before they left. Mistress President pulled out my candle, rubbed my clittie a little bit, delivered her slaps and did the same to Lynn and Kim. Then she told us to was all the dishes and report to the living room. She wispered in my ear that she would personally work on my titties. We washed a lot of dishes that morning. When we finished we went to the living room. The sisters were sitting there doing various Sunday morning activities (reading the newspaper, watching TV, do class assignments,etc). They sort of ignored us as we went to the center of the room and just stood around waiting for them to say something. Finally Mistress President finished reading her section of the newspaper, looked up to see us, and c alled for everyone's attention. She told us the sisters had some special presents for us. Our mistresses came to us holding three covered platters, one for each of us. (click here to visit)

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