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- Professional and Lifestyle Dominas -

I share with many people a view that there is nothing more erotic to the eye than a beautiful pair of silk stockings coupled with a pair of glossy 6" or 7" spiked heel shoes, to torment or tantalize the submissive who has earned the right to serve.
Mistress Eva
"Feeling pain, whether it be light and sensual or strongand severe, ignites your nerve endings and makes you feel alive. My responsibility for the ultimate well being of your body while I'm torturing it gives mean incomparable sense of power and strength."
Mistress Rainy
"24x7 Lifestyle Domme, that is what I am. I don't play Dominant, I AM dominant. I am a Dominatrix and enjoy teaching a submissive the things they only dream about. I can take you to new heights you may never have imagined before."
CockMistress Angelina
Your Mistress knows about your long held and oh-so-secret desires to submit to the ministrations of a strong, sexy, intelligent and caring woman.
Mrs. Silk
Mrs. Silk has been feminising gentlemen for over 20 years. She has transformed hundreds of gentlemen into pretty sissy maids and glamorous ladies.
Mistress Cathryn
"The thrill of having a willing partner ready toreceive your whip or paddle. The anticipation of the meeting of flesh andleather. It's all good and it's all for you..."
Cléo Dubois
"Born and raised in Paris, Cléo Dubois began exploring the S/M frontiers in the San Francisco leather community in the early 1980s. She sees her work as a Dominatrix, B&D and S/M fantasy educator as a valid path to intimacy between partners creating what she calls "Sensual Magic".
Lady Cheyenne
A Professional Lifestyle Dominant from Columbus, Ohio. "Incredibly Erotic, Yet Shockingly Cruel" Never doubt that I can tear youin two just as Cathryn, the Czar would have. The only difference is, I'llsit down and have a beer with you afterwards."
Mistress Xandria
"Fantasy can be transformed to reality, provided it isdone so safely, sanely and consensually."
Goddess Dianna Vesta
A Truly Remarkable Woman Of Power.
"Within BDSM I saw expressions, rituals and terms thatwere often used in the past. Not only from Goddess worship times but manyeras and all types of religious expression."

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