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Posted On: May 24, 2010
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In the course of reviewing the many models on the net, what is usually a frustrating experience of dealing with large egos suddenly became a rapturous experience when we met Anna Lieb. Smart, beautiful, down to earth and just a “real person”, we immediately fell in love with this Swedish import to Southern California!

Anna has been working as a professional model for four years. She is experienced in fashion, glamour, fine art, bikini, swimwear, lingerie, spokes modeling and fantasy. She loves being in front of the camera. Anna is born in Sweden but is currently living in SoCa.

 Anna will be doing her first bdsm and fetish photoshoot with Wasteland in January, 2000. Let us know any requests or ideas you have for this shoot? We aim to please!

In Anna’s words…

So you want to know more about who I am? 
*smiles* Well, I am originally from Sweden, but I am currently living in Sunny California. I like it HOT so I’m really satisfied with the California weather 🙂

I have been modeling for three years, and I love it! I love being in front of the camera, traveling and meeting new people. But most of all I like being a part of creating beautiful images.

When I’m not modeling I love to travel and see new places. I like being outdoors and go hiking, fishing or horse back riding. 
More urban favourites include dining, painting, writing, acting, bowling, relaxing with a good book or just hanging out with my friends. 
I also enjoy working on this website and chatting with you guys.

Unlike from many other models on the net I am doing a lot my website by myself. Well, I do have a webmaster who helps me out with the technical stuff but nothing goes on these pages without my approval, all the texts are written by me personally and I hunt down the links myself just to name a few.

I also really, really try to answer all mails I get, so please keep sending me mails and tell me how you like my site! 🙂 
I love to hear from you! After all, it’s for you guys I’ve made my site!!

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