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Posted On: May 22, 2010
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Name: Michelle (aka Miss Hell on the net)
Birthday: Halloween
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Occupation: Graphic Artist
Boyfriend: SPIKE
Fav. Color: Violet
Fav. Food: Thai, Japanese and Cajun
Fav. Bands: Big Black, Scratch Acid, Cop Shoot Cop, Jane’s Addiction, Atari Teenage Riot, Squarepusher, Switchblade Symphony, The Stooges, The Who, Delicate Terror, Bauhaus, Jesus Lizard, MC 900 Foot Jesus, Subhumans, Legendary Pink Dots, Joy Division, Minor Threat, Bikinikill, Flaming Lips, New Order, Billie Holiday, The Smiths, old Run DMC and any old 80’s club stuff (check out my radio show here).
Hobbies: Skateboarding, Surfing, Snow Skiing, Photography, Jewelry Design, Net Junkie
Fav. Albums: Atari Teenage Riot – 60 Second Wipeout, Cop Shoot Cop – Ask Questions Later, Jane’s Addiction – Nothing’s Shocking, Monster Magnet – Spine of God, Big Black – Songs About Fucking, Scratch Acid – Greatest Gift, Thrill Kill Kult – Confessions Of A Knife, Hole – Pretty On The Inside, Bauhaus – The Sky’s Gone Out, Joy Division – Substance
Fav. Places: New Orleans, San Francisco, Berkeley, Hollywood and Breckenridge.
Fav. Movies: Goodfellas, Hellraiser, Hellbound, Blue Velvet, Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me, Brazil, Fight Club, Trainspotting
Fav. People: Madison, Zack, Spike, Krista, Crystal, Dave, Jason, Andy, Jaime, Reuben, Mom and my family.
Fav. Things: Hurricanes, collecting action figures, anime, manga, shopping, manic panic hair, corsets, spirals, crowns
Things I Hate: Rednecks, country music, junkies, being tickled, cigarettes, boy bands, R&B, sock monkeys, sea monkeys, real monkeys, the idea of eternity and no ending, roaches, beer, mayonnaise, milk, yodeling, mullets

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