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Bethalynne is a 27 year old Detroit native currently residing in West Michigan with writer/designer beau Matthew. Creatively speaking, she works with the creation of the surreal, sensual, dark and sometimes erotic depths of art –not so easily explained in detail if you’ve never had the opportunity to view her work first hand. Her current credits include creating eight novel covers for Circlet Press’ vampire anthology, her fiction graces the intro pages of photographer John anterineross’ book “Fruit of the Secret God”, as well as her art gracing the covers of comics, cds, and publications. Currently Beth is making dark and spooky webpages for other dark and spooky artists and helping run a domain for a collection of fetish movie sirens. You can read her work this coming autumn in the form of the novel Datura (from Attis Press) as well as her second graphic novel, Butterfly Ink.

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This gallery houses some of the most beautiful Gothic Women on the planet. Moreover, in addition to simply amazing visages, you will be allowed a glimpse into the minds and hearts of these gorgeous creatures. Feel free to visit their personal websites, but please be aware that they are for the most part, NOT part of the BDSM/Fetish Community so will likely not respond well to explicit fetish-oriented fan mail (in other words, be polite!)

Please Note: If you arrived at this page directly from a link from another site, please be aware that some of the images in this collection contain nudity and other adult-oriented material. If this offends you or you are under the age of 18, please go back now.

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