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If there is any one GothGirl that could be deemed a “celebrity” on the web, Batty is the one. As you surf the Goth Culture sites, she is everywhere! A non-depressed “perky goth” that has started her own clothing company, we think whe will do well in all of her endeavors.

For all of you already familiar with Batty, look closely below for a couple of “money shots” never before seen on the web! (this is an adult entertainment site after all….:)

“My name is Batty (also known as Tracy) and I live on the Planet Sponge, but sometimes I call Houston, TX my home. I design clothes for my own clothing company, Azrael’s Accomplice, and I am currently still in college learning all I can about the subject (I have already completed classes in costume design as well).”

“I am and always will be involved in this little subculture that we call “goth”. Now before you get out some glue so I may plaster my hand to my forehead let me state this: I am NOT into the whole mopey goth thing!! I say BLAH to being depressive, in fact I would rather eat glass than be grouped in with that catagory of goth. I’m a PERKY GOTH if you must put a term to it, and I’m damn proud to be happy and bouncey while still harboring a love for the gothic lifestyle, which to me should be about being yourself and having fun anyways. Why do something if it’s gonna DEPRESS you right??”


rain falling
sweetly like soft powdered snow
brings a chill to the air of the summer night
and you and I sit in our seperate rooms
but we are dreaming alike

-Batty June 21st ’99

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