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I was born in Edmonton Alberta, as an Aquarius on the cusp of Pisces. But I am more of a Pisces than I am an Aquarius. I lived there for 9 years, until my fathers Architectural Company went bankrupt, and we were forced into hideous poverty,and had to move to the heinous town of Kelowna BC Canada, where it is full of valleygirls, and surfer dudes who think that the lake has a tide. After 3 years my parents divorced, cause my mom was goth and my dad was a hypocritical conformist. Then after two weeks he was already fucking my future stepmother Denise. Then after 2 years they got married. And my dad was already 6th Best Realtor In Western Canada. My Stepmother wanted to send me to a Christian Boarding School in Saskatoon. *KILL!*

My city is also composed of goths who are alike valleygirls in many ways. It’s a suburbic, boring town, and forces these poor souls to pretend that this town is one big dramatic movie. Because you see, there are no clubs, and the only fetish store in Town is a crappy one Called Wild Kingdom. As a Buddhist, I am outcast from the Rivet Head scene of Kelowna, and therefore I am called “The Witch” because as most boring goffs do, they pick on the ones who have happy lives, and try to ruin them with the flaw that I hate about myself the most, my nose. I am happy to say that I have found myself. Even though the goth scene in my town is pitiful. I am glad that there is at least a better one on the internet. Which accepts the perverted, which isn’t homophobic, and mostly, accepts individuality.

My fave bands are VNV Nation, Project Pitchfork, Leather Strip, Velvet Acid Christ, Radiohead, Enigma, and Bjork. I am obsessed with Bjork, and Kitties. I also love to sew and design clothes, paint, draw, listen to music, and read. I DESPISE people who act like being elitist is a cool thing. I loathe negativity on the internet. Especially when uppity rich goffs, start making “Goth Poseur Of The Week Sites”, and “Not Quite” sites, bullying kids who *just* got in to the scene, and are trying as best as they can to learn about this subculture we call goth/rivet-head/whatever. I just think its fukkin passe.

Anyway, that was my bio, and I hope that you enjoyed it. Please go visit my site sometime, and submit to *my* award, Warped Beauty.

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