The Photography of Tom Hunscher

Tom runs an excellent organization called The Center for Nude & Erotic Photography and is also an excellent photographer. A few of Tom’s thoughts…..

While I’m not a part of the D’s, B.D.S.M “community” per se, I find that many of my models are eager to photographed in leather, tied up, in poses in which they look distressed, and so on. I do NOT want my photos to look like “studio shots.” Rather, I prefer my photos to look like they were taken in real locations, which for the most part they were.

Likewise, I don’t like “posed” photos very much, although when I do this sort of stuff, I usually use very strongly directional lighting which allows me to really bring out the model’s physique, so I do work hard to position the model to get shadowfall just right.

Serene (photo left) is 6 feet tall and very slender, but with plenty of curves, too. She is a natural submissive and enjoys showing absolutely everything to the camera. In fact, I discovered that asking her to do doggy-style poses really made her day!

Tom Hunscher
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Rating 3.00 out of 5