The Photography of Reno Larson

People have started asking me why it is I do what I do, and the answers are not easy, I suppose its fun, its scary and its what I have to do. I would say most of all its an overwhelming desire to do something different. You see in a world trying so hard for equality something socially and consciously I believe in there is something about the homogenization that disturbs me. Sure I believe that we are all equal that race, gender and nationality play no part in our worth. My work for me is a chance, if just briefly to do something no one else has done, for maybe just a little while to be different, and my pictures are my proof.

My images for me are a chance to express the beauty of the flesh and the horrible lust society places upon it. They give me a chance to understand how I feel about something a chance to show others how I feel and perhaps if someone likes them then I will know that I am not alone in my beliefs.

My most current project is called Technology and Self Loathing, in which I find or am contacted by people over the internet, I then try to have a real world experience with them and photograph the results. Things have included being asked to break into a women’s house and climb into bed with her to a dominatrix coming to my house and shoving needles through my chest. I am currently looking for funding to fly to Toronto and live with a man for a week who lives with his 7 mannequins and has agreed to me staying with him.

I’m currently living in San Francisco and working as a professional photographer. I shoot everything from cell phones and shoe risers to 220 pound prostitutes and transvestites. I am available for assignments

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