The Photography of Peter Gilbert Balazsy

“Peter Gilbert Balazsy is exhibited in galleries throughout the greater New York metropolitan area and is recognized as one of the most accomplished photographers in the art of image-transfer.

Nearly a life-long resident of New Jersey; Peter was born and raised in Central Jersey during that somewhat nostalgic and innocent period of the forties and fifties. As a young soldier Peter served in the Far East in the early sixties, and in later years he’s traveled through Europe. Along the way, it seems, Peter has developed an eye toward gentle beauty as well as a warm, sensitivity to other cultures and values. For the last twenty five years he has made his home here in the northern New Jersey area enjoying both the proximity to the metropolitan lifestyle as well as leisure activities, riding his horses in the more rural North Jersey watershed area.

Less then a decade ago, Peter’s technical interests led him to explore photography and discovered therein a very comfortable outlet that has helped cultivate a rich, creative, artistic element within him. Now, Peter currently divides his professional life, working as both a portrait photographer and artist, as well as heading up a small computer consulting company, where digital-image-manipulation provides yet another creative outlet for his artistry.

The use of image-transfer photography, with its painterly effect, has enabled Peter to explore intriguing, atmospheric visions, formerly reserved for traditional artists.

Mr. Balazsy re-creates moods in his photographs that are reminiscent of the Art Nouveau movement earlier this century. Peter’s graceful, elegant, artfully subdued images convey the feeling of times past – while also seeming unmistakably contemporary.

Mr. Balazsy’s work is perhaps best described as a photographic parallel to “Painterly” painting. With his unique, artistic-style, Peter exploits and demonstrates the material and artistic qualities of his photographic medium: …color, line, shadow, emulsion texture, paper texture, and emulsion flaws and gaps which he responds to with hand coloring.

At least half of Peter’s works are female nudes and portraits. Avoiding the prurient, he creates luminous, sensual, works, which seduce the eye with an exquisite, sophisticated carnality, revealing the grace and variety of the human form, producing a warm glow.

With the introduction of these wonderfully tender, and sensuous, works Peter joins the renewed tradition of nude photography in a matured eroticism, seeking to entice and charm, rather than to shock.
Observing Peter’s art, it becomes apparent that this artist holds to no polemic or manifesto, …but with the creation of his charming, soft-colored, works, he has joined a quiet revolution.”

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Rating 3.00 out of 5