The Photography of Marc Blackie

Posted On: May 19, 2010
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So why do I bother with it all? All this gratuitous nudity, the subtle hints at a sinister sexuality, the little stabs of melancholy that seem to keep cropping up at in the most inappropriate of shots…

Us artist folk are rumoured to have this craving, this infatuation with expression, and I often wonder just how I am expressing my inner most with these photos. I guess my images say more about me than I would like, than I am comfortable with, yet here I am – with my second hand camera in hand and crawl space darkroom, black sheeting pinned to a wall and stolen office lamps illuminating my second hand desires.

Perhaps it is the mystery of the female…that carved in stone clique I have to turn to at an attempt at explanation, complete adoration for my opposite of body. All a weakness of course, and something my photos help me work through – incurable as I am.

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