The Photography of Ivana Ford

Posted On: May 19, 2010
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Photographer Ivana Ford is a self-proclaimed flunky. Born and raised in the Southern California suburb of Pomona, her “mad skills” are a result of 15 years of trial, error and looking at a lot of “pretty pictures”.

Ivana recounts what she refers to as “one of the best compliments I’ve ever received” regarding her work. “It was from a guy who owns a studio I often rent. He told me that because of his formal training and years of experience as a professional photographer, he couldn’t bear to watch me work and witness my ‘unorthodox’ techniques with lighting, etc. He said he was amazed that I can get the results I do. He’s asked me how, with my lack of technical savvy, it’s possible for me to know exactly what the results will be. I told him that I never really know for sure but that I can feel if it’s right.”

Ivana’s recent work with female bodybuilders stems from her fascination with body modification. Her innovative work is changing the genre of women’s physique photography.

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