The Photography of Elly Russell

Posted On: May 19, 2010
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British photographer Elly Russell has been photographing glamour and fetish for just over 3 years. With a fresh style that works effectively in black and white or colour she creates a unique feminine perspective on the world of fetish and erotica.

“I remember visiting a fetish club in London where a big guy in a gimp mask and a pink tutu was locked up in a cage. It struck me as an incredibly strong image. Here was a powerfully built adult man in a totally submissive position.

The transference of power from him to his mistress fascinated me, so I decided it was something worth exploring in my images.” she says.

“I particularly love to photograph real BDSM scenes or a men worshipping at their Mistresses feet. There is so much emotion available to capture from the subjects involved, and I just love seeing the final result.
With a growing reputation in the London fetish scene – not least of all because of her flame red hair – Elly loves what she does, and it shows in shows in the quality of her images.

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Rating 3.00 out of 5