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Posted On: May 19, 2010
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Born and raised in a small Pennsylvania town, Danielle fell in love with the female form. She has since ventured from Pennsylvania to Texas for a few short years and is presently residing in San Francisco, CA. Danielle explains that women are naturally born with a sexual dominance through their appearance. Her photography serves to illustrate that sex and beauty are powerful tools that most women are already have.

All of the models seen in Danielle’s digital illustrations are her own photographs. She tries to stay true to her originallity because she believes that it is far too easy in the world of digital illustrating to stealing components from other people’s photographs or artwork. She pride’s herself on keeping her illustrations uniquely her own. Even the backgrounds situations are self-created from the photos and textures she shoots.

Within her website, two online galleries are featured including traditional photography and digital illustrations. The traditional gallery contains my photographic works presented as they were taken from the negatives. These photographs have not been manipulated or altered in any way. In the digital gallery, however, you will find my photographic works digitally manipulated by the use of Photoshop. Almost all of my digital renderings start off as black and white photographs and are hand colored. They are then transformed into digital fantasies including exotic fetish girls to the more bizarre pieces such as “le erotique carrousel.”

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