Posted On: May 19, 2010
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Kris has been exploring her sexuality for a few years now, starting with a little showing off in front of men, to being the mistress of a growing website dealing with her public exhibitionism, and now exploring the world of BDSM. What do these venues have in common? “It gives me a feeling of power over men that I’ve never felt before. I was raised in a traditional Asian family. I was taught that men had all the power, and we were like second class citizens.”

From a feature in Cosmo about her…

“I came from a really repressive religious home in which sex was equated with sin. Even though I always secretly enjoyed appreciative looks from men, I would never, ever go out of my way to get them.”

“My website has really helped me come to terms with and express my own sexuality. And that has spiced up things in the bedroom. Thanks to The Shy Exhibitionist, I’m more comfortable with my body and more in touch with the sexual side of myself.”

And from there…
“My photographer has been getting interested in japanese bondage. He liked the dramatic effect the photographs had, and wanted to try to capture this himself. I was only too happy to be his subject, for a while anyway.”

“Being tied up can be fun, but I think I enjoy giving more then receiving. I’m having fun exploring this side of things. Having a man squirm under the heel of my boot, does something for me. Exploration of this kind sure can be fun.”

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